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An Introduction

About Raqmiyat - An Introduction

Ensuring Business Excellence

What can you say about a company that is over 25 years old, is part of one of UAE’s biggest business houses, has some of the country’s leading corporate names on its client list and works with a competent team of over 300?

That it is successful, competitive, committed and delivers better ways of doing business.

The primary IT company of the Al Ghurair business group, Raqmiyat delivers technology-enabled business solutions that helps companies benefit from cutting edge services. Applying our knowledge and expertise, we help you identify new trends and developments, increase revenue, optimize performance and maximize returns from technology.

Our global footprint spans the UAE and India. Our latest ODC (Offshore Development Centre) in Chennai offers strategic and flexible software, outsourcing and BPO solutions that attract top talent and are easy on your budget.

Leaving you only one thing to think about – your bottom line.

We are Raqmiyat. And we put your business on the road to high performance.

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