Enterprise mobility goes beyond mobile apps – it influences how you run your business. Organizations need a mobile strategy roadmap to successfully capitalize on mobile technology and evolving user behaviour.
Raqmiyat consults and leads organizational and business process transformation to improve performance, increase effectiveness, and reduce costs and time.
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Go Beyond Mobile Functions and Features


A comprehensive mobile strategy consulting considers not only features and functions but how your customers or employees actually use mobile technologies.

Our experts help you:
•  See the whole picture. We have the breadth and depth of knowledge to spot trends early and leverage ideas from our global partners and engagements.


•  Decide on your direction with an outlook towards the complete business process transformation. This enables you to innovate faster, meet your current business needs and establish a foundation for the future.
We have introduced cutting-edge practices and offer Mobile Strategy Consulting to leading organizations, governments and institutions in the Middle East.
Our detailed Consulting report will aim to:
•  Assess the current state from process, people and technology front.


•  Identify the gaps between the current state and what is perceived to be “Industry best practice”.


•  Come up with an OMNI Channel blueprint specific to your business that encompasses reusable components/ guidelines that can be leveraged across all experiences.
Continuous Collaboration for a Well-Defined Mobile Strategy
Using mobile strategy methodology and proprietary materials, including our Mobility solutions we will work with you to:
•  Discover where you are on your mobile strategy journey. Knowing where you are being the first step in knowing where you’re going


•  Help you build consensus across your organization and engage teams to support mobile transformation success.


•  Deliver an implementation plan that provides the bestpositive impact for you.


Mobile User Experience Design


Innovative design, great feel and user-friendly experience.


The first requirement for an unmatched user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without any deviations. Simplicity and usability are the other crucial aspects that make products easy to own and easy to use. True user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they want, or providing checklist features.


Our team helps in conceptualizing and providing fresh and innovative ideas to add more value to an existing or a new product concept. We help our customers identify who the users are, what they need, and how they would like to use it. Creating the low-fi/hi-fi prototypes during designing and visualizing concept ideas not only help in implementation evaluation but also gives a quick feedback on the usability of the product/service and ideas for future development.


Additionally, we can identify product usability for the intended users and also address their actual needs and the way to work with it. Our team works efficiently in the field of user research, concept design, prototype and visual design, usability evaluation, usability testing and UX consulting.


The user gets the experience of:


• WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface.


• Enhanced and extensive animation and quick and easy navigation with limited key-strokes.


• Compatibility across various Mobile Operating systems or devices.


• Library of styling properties and features in the form of widgets and templates.


• Native platform features like messaging, mailing, camera, and more.


• Event based actions such as perform on click, perform on scroll, and more.


• Rich Web App Designing Canvas with native drawing widget libraries and options for customization.


• Minimal or ‘No Coding’ business i.e. to build the framework with very minimal coding.


Dynamic and Real-time Sharing with the help of Cloud-based Services


• Facilitates to create and define annotations inline within the app canvas.


• Conducts online annotation review and collaboration.


• Gets instant reviews and feedbacks from stakeholders by publishing them over cloud.


• Facilitates easy and faster interactions and communication among the designers, developers, and the end-users.


Integrated Development Environment


• Favors 100% re-usability of the design and prototypes and leverages bi-directional integration model.


Mobile Application Development Platforms


With a wealth of mobile platforms available, you need to carefully consider the most appropriate for your target audiences. Raqmiyat helps you select the best mobile platform for your needs.


OMNI-Channel Platform


Customer interaction is increasing across all touch points, driving the need for integration across all channels to enable a seamless experience. So it is essential for technology, processes and systems to be integrated and aligned so that every channel behaves in the same way... Our Omni-Channel solutions help you provide a seamless experience, whether the customer visits on the Web, in the store, over the phone, using a mobile device or all of the above. Not only can you create a next-generation Web channel, you can also leverage the Web to improve revenues and customer service in all channels.


Our Omni-Channel solutions help you provide a seamless experience whether the customer visits on the Web, in the store, over the phone, using a mobile device or all of the above. Not only can you create a next-generation Web channel, you can leverage the Web to improve revenues and customer service in all channels.


Power rich, interactive customer touchpoints on a single platform


Facilitate seamless cross-channel customer experience


Orchestrate orders across channels


Empower employees and partners to be more effective and provide better service


Integrate all of the processes, data and systems that participate in cross-channel business processes


Build on a strong foundation for future innovation and growth


Raqmiyat is one of the Key Strategic partner of Kony.


Entreprise Mobile Management


The mobile device management market has evolved into enterprise mobility management suites market which is growing rapidly.


Enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites consist of policy and configuration management tools, management overlay for applications, and content intended for mobile devices based on smartphone OS. They are an evolution from previous-generation mobile device management (MDM), products that lacked application and content management. IT organizations and service providers use EMM suites to deliver IT support to mobile end users and to maintain security policies.


Hardware inventory


Application inventory


OS configuration management


Mobile app deployment, updating and removal


Mobile app configuration and policy management


Remote view and control for troubleshooting


Execute remote actions, such as remote wipe


Mobile content management


Executing these core functions through MDM represented the early implementation of these functions. MDM tools have evolved to incorporate advanced mobile application management and mobile content management.


Mobile devices have increased in the enterprise at an exponential rate. With the growing number of device models, platforms and operating system versions available, businesses are facing new and complex mobility management challenges. Accessing corporate resources from a mobile device could introduce a significant threat to corporate security. Mobile Device Management enables businesses to address challenges associated with mobility by providing a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices from the central admin console.


Mobile application management applies management and policy control functionality to individual applications, which are then managed by the EMM console. This capability is necessary when the OS (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows Phone) does not provide the required management capability or when organizations elect not to install an MDM profile on the device.


There are two basic forms of mobile application management:


Preconfigured applications: These generally include a secure personal information manager (PIM) for email, calendaring and contact management, as well as a secure browser provided by the EMM provider or a third-party vendor. These tools are configured to be managed and secured by the EMM system.


Application extensions: These apply policies to applications through the use of a software development kit (SDK) or by wrapping. This capability is necessary when the OS does not provide the required management capability or when organizations elect not to install an MDM agent on the device.


Mobile content management enables users to access content from their mobile devices. The mobile content management function within EMM suites has three fundamental roles:


1. Secure Container — A client-side app that enables users to store content securely on a mobile device. The EMM can enforce policies such as authentication, file sharing and copy/paste restriction. Content comes from three primary sources: 


Email (attachments)


Content pushed by the administrator or another internal person


Content accessed from a back-end repository


Content Push — Push-based document delivery. Some specific functions are: 


Control document versions


Alert a user of new files


Flag content expiration date


Content Access — A connection to a back-end repository where users can pull content to their devices. Specific capabilities are: 


Support for specific back-end repositories (SharePoint, Documentum, etc.)


Restrict downloads while roaming


Audit logging to track who accesses/downloads files


Packaged Mobile Apps


Key Features


For Customers


Kony Apps delivers plug-n-play enriched customer apps specifically designed to support your business. The customer apps deliver quick adoption and enable to engage customers with personalized experiences across any channel.


For Entreprises


The app is ready to run with pre-loaded features designed to help enterprises to meet strategic requirements with better business performance. The apps are configurable, extensible, and can integrate with your existing infrastructure and systems to meet your unique business needs, reduce risk, accelerate deployment, and significantly add value.




Capture market faster and more efficiently.


Expedite the app design process.


Reduce app development and support costs by almost 8 times.


Maintain superior quality and satisfy all your users' BYOD needs.


One stop shop to manage mobile operations in a single, integrated environment.


Simplify administrative tasks.


Rest easy with FIPS-140 grade security certification.


Reduce mobile risks.


Mobile Support Services


Managed Mobility solution ensures applications, processes, and resources that support them to adapt and evolve dynamically to address your near-term challenges and future needs.


A 360° Approach to Mobility Management


From initial service deployment to re-provisioning and decommissioning, we provide a lifecycle approach to the fast-changing mobility services landscape. We rely on our Application Lifecycle Services to help you manage your entire mobility portfolio.


Working with partners, we offer an end-to-end mobile infrastructure which can be bought on a monthly recurring basis. The Managed Mobility service grows with the mobile ecosystem: harnessing recent phenomena such as the Cloud and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Comprehensive, Responsive, Flexible


Our Managed Mobility solution is a complete service that enables you to manage your mobility needs easily and effectively. We help you:


Understand and better manage your mobile portfolio


Limit the cost of deployment by controlling capital expenditure


Achieve quicker return-on-investment


Benefit from less complexity and less risk


Deploy mobile solutions faster