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Treasury Solutions

Bank Treasury Solutions



Looking for an integrated cross-asset and debt management solution?


Mitigate risk and maximize investments with Wall Street Systems’ bank treasury solution. Improve your analytics and liquidity management.


Say goodbye to:


• Tracking system running costs


• Matching assets and liabilities


• Accounting for structured products and complex derivatives


• Calculation of hedge effectiveness and hedge accounting


• Constant need to ensure greater speed of innovation in financial markets


And hello to:


• Front, middle, and back office with superior accounting functionality as one system


• True straight through processing


• A real-time system with real-time monitor updates that supports investments and debts


• A single system – all asset classes on one system


• A flexible instrument definition with a complete range of financial instruments


FX Trading Solution


Empower your business with a sophisticated integrated platform to support high volume trade processing and volume growth. 


Minimize transaction costs and expand revenue opportunities, while providing full transparency and value added services to your customers.


Get in-built alerts and monitoring tools for management and compliance.


Experience high performance, low transaction costs and complete trade lifecycle management in addition to a proven, robust and high volume infrastructure in a global, real-time, 24/7 operations environment.


Global BackOffice Solution


Leverage the perfect global back office solution to centralize and optimize global operations.


Address soaring volumes, decreasing ticket values, margin transactions and the complexity of global operations. 


Beat the challenges posed by traditional broker services, voice trading, cash reconciliation, declining customer contact. Address the growing need for efficient customer on-boarding processes with tighter account opening regimes


Corporate Treasury Solutions



Does your corporate treasury need a flexible solution to manage its needs?


Are you always trying to prove the strategic contribution of the treasury to business with advanced treasury services, centralized processes such as payments, liquidity forecasting, FX hedging and funding?


Finding new ways to reduce costs and secure long-term liquidity?


Adapt to the changing regulatory and compliance landscape and get unprecedented ROI, immediate visibility, control and simplified compliance with Wall Street Systems’ corporate treasury solution.


Reduce costs, improve productivity and manage risk. Enhance forecasting, centralization and compliance capabilities within the treasury.


Wall Street Systems provides integrated treasury and cash management solutions for corporates of all sizes.




• Significant savings on payments and unlock tied cash reserves through a web-based solution for cash management, liquidity forecasting and payments


• Lower funding costs through usage of structured products and optimal risk management techniques and better liquidity forecasting


• Best in class risk and performance reporting through real time reporting and advanced calculation engines


• Higher STP rate for your cash, treasury and accounting requirements in a single integrated platform


• Easy compliance with SOX and international accounting requirements


Central Bank Solutions



Manage performance, risk, compliance and operations to safeguard reserves and liquidity.


Perform efficient reserve management, asset management and monetary policy execution in a single integrated system.


Take advantage of: 


• A single system for all processes


• Real-time investment decision support


• Improved risk management and performance measurement and attribution


• Higher ROI


• Support for regulatory compliance


• Reduced total cost of ownership


• Operational efficiency


• Proprietary SWIFT certified integration


• Complete accounting support


Fully pre-configured for central banks, based on proven methodologies, expert insights and industry best practices, Wall Street suite ensures optimum use, provides front-to back office support across all operations and through to the accounting function and ensures that all information is transparent, immediately available and reportable through a common set of tools.


From The Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago and Banque de France to The South African Reserve Bank and Bank of Thailand, several global names have benefitted from this suite of solutions.