Banking And Finance Solutions

Let’s Bring The Future Into Focus For Today’s Banking Operations

Across banking processes and customer touchpoints Raqmiyat is redefining experiences through digital solutions and service capabilities – encompassing payment solutions, analytics, RPA, virtual assistant platforms, etc. Pillared on our domain expertise, we are enabling banks to adopt and accelerate digitization to be future-ready.

Across Banking Operations

Seamless Has Become Success With 3 Decades Of Raqmiyat Solutions

Banking has been on the front-row-seat of the technology transformation, and over 3 decades we have enabled banks to be the “early-birds” of the tech adoption curve. We have conceptualized and delivered financial solutions, simplified payment systems, driving seamless experiences for the success of 40 leading banks in the UAE.

The recent global upheaval has put definitive stress on bringing the future into today’s focus areas for banks and financial institutions to differentiate products, processes, and customer interactions. Leveraging our sector knowledge, solutions, and service capability, we look forward to achieving this, catalyzing banking processes to reduce operational costs, increase CX, and drive ROI.

Capabilities Putting Future Into Focus

With Banking Experience As The Centre Of Everything

Payment System Solutions

Think of Raqmiyat as the rapid response partner to modernize payment systems, leveraging our in-house payment suites. Experience multifold solution capabilities - from automation of cheque clearing to efficiency in every fund transfer, and ease the burden of your banking staff.

Financial Peripherals

Smart is only one side of the coin. You need systems combining speed with smart technologies, enabling faster cheque sorting and reconciliations, eliminating manual errors, and all those extra resource-hours involved in physical reconciliation. Explore why our financial peripherals are up to the task.

Robotic Process Automation

Let's help you capitalize on RPA for process transition, accelerating customer service to processings to fraud detection. The automation of iterative actions means your people focus on core functions and you capitalize on their increased productivity.


In insight you trust, to detect fraud, manage risks, and map financial performance. And we trust in the capabilities of our BI and analytics solution, to orchestrate these insights for you, in real-time.

Chatbot Platform

Customer interactions have often led to the loss of satisfaction instead of CX-related gains. Plus, routine queries that do not require human intelligence take up the extra time of your customer-facing teams. Why not transform tedious into interactive experiences, with AI-led chatbots optimizing interactions and improving CX?

Testing Automation

Developing a banking product isn't enough in today's evolving cyber threats landscape. A validated QA framework that ensures the product's security and performance standards is the need of the hour. Explore QA and Test automation service that addresses this need.

Enterprise Payment Hub

High volume of domestic real-time payment processing needs a reliable payments solution - one that's secured and meets the standards set by central banks. Let's deliver that solution to your RTGS and global payment processes.

Digital Banking

Digital of things is the most common element of every business process and banking is no exception. What's exceptional is the accelerated pace at which banking systems need to be digitized and connected. Put us to the test and you'll be surprised.

Cloud & Blockchain

Find the agility and speed to build and deploy solutions on Cloud while parallelly architecting and testing them for security and transparency with blockchain adopters. Discuss cloud-enablement and blockchain consulting and engineering with our subject experts.

Banking’s Future Into Focus – Realized With Raqmiyat