Digital Innovation & Transformation

Evolution To Overcome Traditional System Drawbacks

In the digital age, businesses processes are automated breathtakingly fast. Change is constant, individuals are comprehensively connected, and interactions are instantaneous, anywhere in the world. We’re helping businesses keep up the pace to optimally harness the potential of digital automation.


A Digitization & Automation Roadmap For Enterprises

We’re helping adopt evolving digital capabilities – including social, mobile, analytics, chatbots, robotics, and automation. In the digital age, enterprises must navigate to continuous changes and move with increasing speed if they want to grow and protect their market position and to stay ahead of the competition. Our experts ensure they become digitally empowered enterprises that are agile, connected and optimized.

Road To Digital Renaissance

The Evolution Of Future Ready Digital Enterprises

Raqmiyat help Organizations accelerate the next wave of digital transformation by leveraging digital technologies enabling renaissance through Low code platform, AI/Bot Platform, Robotic Process Automation, Paperless Office Automation, Enterprise Mobility, and UX/UI services

#1 Low-Code Platform

Low-code platform that lets you visually develop your enterprise application, easily integrate with existing systems, and add your own custom code when you need it. Rapidly design, develop, and deploy solutions that enable customers to capitalize their data and be future-proof for an immediate competitive advantage.

Conversational CX Platform

Saving time and cost of development with an easy-to-use bot building tool, built-in NLP, ML, and all the components to turn human requests and system data into conversations. And, protect and manage your bots with robust security controls and admin console. Smart Bots Platform, an intelligent VA, gives enterprises a first-mover advantage and instantly adds value to industries and functions.

Business Transformation

We excel in converging technologies that redefine enterprise connectivity in the digital world. Here, we offer solutions that enable the dissolving of process silos, better decisions, and faster innovations, ultimately accelerating the pace of business transformation.

Innovative Technology

We realize technologies that define new approaches for digital innovation at the workplace: AI-driven solutions, cloud applications, connectivity platforms - all ensuring accurate insights, better communications, and aligned teams that perform optimally.

Digital Workplace

Dispersed teams in the post-pandemic world need unified yet secured platforms that enable seamless collaboration. With solutions and partner applications we facilitate modern workplaces, facilitating real-time communication and improved productivity.

Robotic Process Automation

Let's help you capitalize on RPA for process transition, accelerating customer service to processings to fraud detection. The automation of iterative actions means your people focus on core functions and you capitalize on their increased productivity.

Enterprise App

Providing a seamless and unified experience to users across Android, Windows or iOS devices with mobile application development services hybrid, native web / mobile applications– from concept, ideation, design, and development to testing.

Paperless Office Automation

Reduce hassle of managing the physical paper and its associated costs and time. The solution helps organizations to digitally sign & dispatch the documents without any manual intervention and eliminating the necessity of handling physical papers and human efforts to even 100%.

Digital UI/UX Services

From wireframes to user flows to prototypes, we help you across the UI/UX journey with highly experienced UX/UI designers leveraging latest tools and technologies such as Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, iOS Interface Builder, inVision, MockFlow, Sketch.

Recognitions Received

Celebrating Achievements In Digital Innovation

Best Digital Solutions Provider of the Year at Future Enterprise Awards 2021 hosted by

Best Automation Solutions Provider at The Transformational Leadership Awards 2020

Enterprise Mobility Vendor Of The Year  Award at The Future Enterprise Awards 2020

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