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Amidst the digitization of every banking process reconciliation of cheques is still predominantly manual for many institutions. Explore how it’s transformed, bringing the efficiency of automation to the time-intensive process of manual reconciliation, accelerated with financial peripheral devices.


Enabling Smart & Speedy Cheque Reconciliations

Physical reconciliation and sorting of cheques take up significant efforts and time in a day, every day for banks. To automate, simplify, reduce errors, and accelerate this process, Raqmiyat provides two advanced cheque scanners – SmartSource® Professional Check Scanners and HLS4.

SmartSource® Professional Check Scanners

The SmartSource Professional check scanner is engineered to process high volumes of daily items. Standard features on the Burroughs SmartSource Professional series include an auto-feeder with an open feeder designed for improved productivity, industry-leading Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) reader, easy remote deposit capture applications, and superior image quality with 300 dpi image cameras.

Features That Ease Cheque Scanning

You can choose the speed, the number of output pockets, and endorsements that match your workload requirements.

Optional features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and front franking are available for special application needs such as remittance processing or remote deposit capture.

Scalability: Features can be upgraded at your location (online) as your business requirements expand, requiring minimal maintenance.

HLS4 Scanner

Raqmiyat’s Document Processing Solution (RDPS) is supported with High-level scanners (HLS4) – one of the most capable cheque scanners with advanced camera technology to achieve the highest image quality and high-speed performance. A reliable solution to reduce cheque processing duration, HLS4 facilitates faster cheque scanning and enables better customer service and enhanced operational efficiency for banks by cutting down on the overheads involved in the physical reconciliation.

Advanced Features Packed In HLS4

Advanced camera technology to achieve the highest image quality and high-speed performance.

Ability to easily scan various types of imagery – Black/ White, Grayscale, color, ultraviolet, and infrared images.

High-speed processing system available in two speeds 250 Dpm and 350 Dpm with a feeder capacity of 500 to 1000 cheques and the pockets sorting capacity scalable from 6 to 60 pockets.

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