Analytics Solution

Offerings To Empower Data-Driven Decisions

Data has become the focal point of every decision in every sector. With continuously shifting market dynamics and evolving customer expectations, financial institutions across the globe are turning to data to help them manage risks. We’re partnering with enterprises leveraging advanced analytics solutions for insights to lead to decisive decisions.


Driving Data To Value With AI & Analytics

Banks and financial sector players are increasingly leveraging enterprise data to build a foundation of conviction, and ensure informed decision-making throughout their organizations.

At Raqmiyat, we’re supporting their data to decision journey, transforming data into business intelligence through prescriptive analytics, machine learning, and AI.

Generating intelligent recommendations that benefit clients to make decisive decisions.

Empowering teams to act fast to drive sustainable business growth, with a go-to platform for the latest market intelligence and recommendations.

Providing instant visibility by combining human judgment with our banking and analytics solutions.

Our Approach

Re-Forecast Your Financial Performance In Real-Time

The Premise

Today, most effective business decisions are supported by real-time, accurate, and validated data. Banks work with voluminous data every day, and a swathe of potential benefits can arise if they can figure out how to analyze and leverage this effectively.

Timely insights from a business intelligence solution operating on secured enterprise data can –

  • Prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Offer a better understanding of customer behavior
  • Enable better risk management

Ultimately, this increases savings for banks, builds customer trust, and helps grow their business.

The Promise

To help you make better business decisions, we deliver essential daily actionable insights – whenever and wherever you operate – enabling you to enhance banking performance management at every level of your organization.

Our services equip you with capable insights on financials, products, and customer performance – unlocking the power of your data. We work towards a goal so that you

  • Make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Stay ahead of the latest technology trends
  • Automate manual reporting tasks

Scope Of Analytics Offerings

Predictive Analytics – Differentiating Leading Banking Practices

Rooted in data, powered by AI, and validated by experts, our solutions deliver predictive analytics at the right moment in time. Self-learning AI models generate forecasts customized for your business, enabling you to raise your performance, master the challenges, tackle the competition, and make winning decisions – fast.

Corporate Banking

  • Key Performance Indicators & Activities
  • Forex & Nostro
  • Portfolio & Pipeline Management
  • Digital Footprint & Sales
  • Assets & Liabilities Customer Management

Private & Retail Banking

  • Equity Management
  • Credit Cards & Loans Master
  • Investment & Insurance
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

Other Banking

  • Risk & Compliance
  • Finance & Wealth Management
  • Funding Centre
  • Treasury & Capital Market
  • Technology & Infrastructure Support

Sector Specific Resources

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Let Predictive Analytics Propel Your Business Decisions