Testing Automation

Automated Validations & Accelerated Product Release

Our collaboration with Cigniti Technologies – the world’s leader in independent quality engineering and software testing services, enables the offering of proven software testing and quality assurance services to the banks in the Middle East. Explore how this helps accelerate digitized yet secure banking practices.


Epitome Of Software Testing With Cigniti

Leveraging the deep expertise of Cigniti in Quality Engineering and Test Automation practices, we have helped clients in the BFS industry to:

  • Accelerate and execute digital initiatives – including SaaS platforms, BI systems, ERP, Web, and Mobile applications – with high cost-efficiency.
  • Accelerate release cycles leveraging our proprietary BlueSwan Test Automation frameworks that reduce development effort by up to 40%.

Test Automation Framework

Agnostic & Proven Across Multiple Applications

In partnership with Cigniti, we offer Test Automation Framework, a tool-agnostic framework that can be used across multiple applications/mobile devices with minimal re-work. The framework allows teams to deliver solutions quickly to realize better ROI and has enabled the successful delivery of QA Automation solutions to over 30+ satisfied banking customers.

Features Of The Framework – Accelerating Productizations

  • The framework is reusable and modular, reducing testing efforts by around 25%.
  • Enables test teams to jump-start test events around 30% faster
  • The framework is also pro-agile with CI tools such as Jenkins, etc.

Banking Accelerators

Reducing Time-to-market & Improving Return On Efforts

Extensive experience in testing banking applications has allowed us to configure a generic ready-to-use Test Repository. This comprises test scenarios for key standard business flows that result in high reusability and quick transition.

Currently, we have around 10,000+ reusable test cases encompassing various Banking modules like Account creation, Deposits, Loans, Payments, Mortgages, etc.

This can enable testers to jump-start their testing efforts and significantly reduce the time it takes to ramp up new projects.

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