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Organizations reimagining their future through a digital lens are at great risk in the evolving cyber threat landscape. It’s imperative to secure processes driven by new-age technologies, besides sector-specific compliance adherence. Explore how our diverse portfolio of cybersecurity offerings enables us to be at the heart of increased cyber resiliency in the Middle East.

The Need Of Cybersecurity

In Today’s Digital Landscape

The rising sophistication and frequency of cyber threats put organizational assets – data, apps, networks – at much greater risk, impacting increased compliance lapses and regulatory fines. Enterprise IT ecosystems have to be cyber-resilient to safeguard business assets from cyber-attacks, proactively detect security gaps, and ensure a speedy recovery from hazards.

We’re creating an impact here, acting as the one-point for all relevant cybersecurity offerings.


Securing Enterprise IT Footprints For Safe Digital Journeys

At Raqmiyat, we offer comprehensive cyber security solutions and services that help organizations secure their assets from malicious threats and improve overall security and cyber-resiliency.

We deliver real value to customers and partners with our vendor-agnostic and technology-centric Security Framework. By using our framework, customers are able to comprehensively achieve their IT security vision, starting from the user, to the network, to the application, and finally to the data. We help decision-makers to, quickly and easily, visualize multiple security domains to help understand, prioritize and mitigate risk.

Raqmiyat Solution & Service Capabilities

Threat Protection

Incident Response

PIM/PAM/Identity Management

Multi Factor Authentication

Database Activity Monitoring

Network Access Control

Email Security

Secure Mobility/EFT

Service Hub

One Destination For A Safer Digital Future

Infrastructure Security
Data Protection
Identity & Access Management
Risk & Compliance
Security Intelligence
Managed Security

Recognitions Received

Highlighting Our Cybersecurity Accolades

Best Security Automation Solutions Provider at the Future Security Awards 2019

Best Encryption Vendor of the Year at CISO50 & Future Security Awards 2021

Sector Specific Resources

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