Robotic Process Automation

Catalyst Streamlining Business Processes

Make organizations more profitable, flexible, and responsive with decreased costs and increased revenue with automated interactions and data management, powered by seamless RPA integration across the enterprise.


Emulate Programmed Human Actions

Raqmiyat’s intelligent RPA solutions across sectors are rapidly implemented to increase efficiency, optimize cost thereby increasing ROI and improving the business bottom line.

RPA Accelerators

Automating Workflows Enterprise-Wide

We offer RPA to automate various processes like data entry, predictive maintenance and after-sales service support, automate high volume, routine tasks. Our expertise lies in configuring new services and the associated billing systems for new accounts through RPA.

RPA Tools

Rapid Implementation

Legacy System Automation

Cost Savings

Reduced Wastage & Human Errors

Industries Automated

Future Proofing The Processes

Supply Chain

RPA automates various supply chain processes, including data entry, predictive maintenance, and after-sales service support.


Telecommunications companies can increase efficiency and cut costs by using RPA to configure new services and the associated billing systems for new accounts.

Others Industries

Automate high volume, routine tasks and increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing mundane tasks from their workdays.

Sector Specific Resources

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