Technology Support Services

Comprehensive IT Support Spectrum With Staffing, Managed Service, & Microsoft Expertise

Emerging technologies and diverse specializations within the existing necessitate that enterprises have a strong pool of subject matter experts and IT support at arm’s length. At Raqmiyat, we enable this seamlessly, with the right resource equipped with the right technical support.

Our Spectrum Of Talent & Managed Support

Across the digitally transformed business landscape, the need for subject matter expertise can arise at any point, be it for a shorter duration or a year-long project. In the Middle East, we’re a proven solution provider, empowering such needs with our IT staffing services. We take it a step further, providing managed support for IT infrastructure and business processes, adding our extensive expertise in Microsoft solutions support.

Our capability in addressing technology staffing and IT support has enabled financial institutions,governments, healthcare providers, the education sector, and leading enterprises to streamline process requirements, enabling their teams to focus on core functions.

Spotlight On Our Competencies

A Robust Foundation – Staffing To Managed Support

IT Staffing

Providing a reliable talent stream specific to our client needs, with experts having deep knowledge of workflows, technologies, tools, etc. We make this possible in varied models - be it as a recruitment outsourcing partner or staffing augmentation expert.

IT Managed Services

Assessing, updating/integrating, monitoring, and managing the IT infrastructure of our clients - be it their enterprise systems or hardware or processes. Raqmiyat is a 24/7 reliable partner for help-desk, network security, server management, storage, backup, and disaster recovery.


A Strategic Gold Partner of Microsoft, we're adept in optimizing clients' functions with a wide range of Microsoft Solutions implementation and support. From Analytics to Cloud - we ensure the entire stack of Microsoft application services is available for enterprise future-readiness.

Engage Experts & Managed Support To Achieve Specific Outcomes