Blockchain And Cloud Solutions

Waypoints To Innovative Banking Workflows And Models

Raqmiyat’s SaaS banking platform helps you evolve your business with plugin integrations for simple, streamlined, and automated customer journeys. Configure and integrate instead of coding and customizing. With Blockchain tech increase trust, reduces friction, eliminate intermediaries, and accelerates business to increase business value.


Blocks of Cloud for Transformation

At Raqmiyat, our team brings extensive experience to architect, build, test, secure and operate solutions that help cloud and blockchain adopters succeed.

  • Providing immunity for all banking processes through decentralization
  • Enhanced security for all the stakeholders involved
  • Faster operations and settlements with smart contract systems

Scope Of Blockchain Offerings

The Building Blocks For Banking Transformation


  • Drive, value, reduce cost, eliminate friction, avoid pitfalls, and create new revenue models with our experts.
  • Define a successful strategy focused on Blockchain adoption, development, and implementation.


  • Get production-ready Blockchain applications from Designing, development, and implementation for real-world Blockchain solutions.


  • Blockchain technical operations integration into existing operational systems
  • Create a new blockchain, establish the network, permission the network and manage the blockchain network for your banks.

Consortium Building

  • Define appropriate business and technology governance models with Consortium.
  • Identify considerations needed for the consortium including Governance Process, Governance Structure, Financial Model, Incentive Model, Operations Management, Change Management, Auditing & Controls, and Standards & Guidelines for security, infrastructure, forking, etc.

Cloud Banking Components

Change Enabled With Pure SaaS Technologies

Banking Engine

The fastest way to create new financial products and services with powerful capabilities and a pure SaaS approach.

Process Orchestrator

Delivered as a service, MPO is the API-driven banking alternative to traditional business process management tools.


In-house experts guide and share industry best practices. Implementation is simple - we teach you to drive, experience continuous updates instead of painful releases, ISO certification, SLAs to meet your needs.


Our cloud banking platform lives up to the highest banking security standards. It’s also compliant with the most important industry requirements, as verified and assured by an external certification body.

Composable Banking

Composable banking is a new approach to building banking and lending services that answers the hardest question in banking: how do you build a bank so it’s actually agile?

Sector Specific Resources

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