Different Industries - Transformed On Similar Digital Goals

Raqmiyat combines the power of digital thinking with our unique consultative approach to help clients across industries envision, build and run more innovative enterprises.


Transforming Industries With Innovation & Thought Leadership

Industries converge and new industries emerge, but two factors remain constant:

  • The need to evolve business models and generate growth
  • The mandate to deliver quality products along with a superior customer experience

Our innovators and thought leaders leverage three decades of region-specific expertise to map strategic and technology-led success for diverse sectors. Cementing the strength of this consultative expertise is their understanding of digitization and how it can help accelerate future-readiness.

Sectors Converged And Transformed On Our S.P.A.C.E

Banking & Financial Services






Banking & Financial Services

Differentiated With Digitization And Three Decades Of Proven Success

Streamline inefficient processes with our strategies and solutions. Grow your business and keep customers at the center of your organization.

In the banking space, we have conceptualized and delivered financial solutions to drive unprecedented value, as the banking landscape kept evolving. With a strong regional presence and a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence, Raqmiyat’s high performance financial solutions are currently running in over 40+ financial institutions.

Our Differentiators

  • Unique mix of skill-sets and expertise to design, develop, and implement mission critical solutions
  • Solutions and support – specific to banking and finance for reduced operational costs and growth
  • Proper understanding of industry pain-points on a foundation of strong relationship with esteemed clients

Our Offerings

Digital Banking

Financial Peripherals


Blockchain & Cloud

Payment Systems & Enterprise Payments Hub

RPA & AI/Chatbots

Testing Automation

Oracle & Microsoft Services


Helping Governments Plan Smarter & Enact Better

Embracing digital, governments are becoming ‘smarter’ globally. We enable their need for smart governance to ensure citizen safety and faster realization of citizens’ expectations.

Our rich experience in working with large governments in the Middle East has allowed us to understand their challenges and complexities in improving citizen’s life. With the help of our best-in-class governance services, we have helped them to promote efficiency, transparency, and pioneer ‘smart governance’.

A Glimpse Of Our Role As An Enabler

We have played a pivotal role in large Government programs offering: technology staffing, solution testing, digital automation, ERP implementation, infrastructure Support, cybersecurity, Oracle services, enterprise portals, and apps.

We have been instrumental in

  • Enhancing citizen services by moving them into new delivery channels
  • Improving accountability, compliance, and managing performance
  • Increasing revenues and efficiency


Powering The Digital Future For NextGen Utilities

An experienced solution provider in Energy & Utility, we address the industry’s challenges with our continuous investments in innovative ideas and solutions.

We partner with businesses consulting on digitization and providing services in the areas of Testing, Digital Automation, Cybersecurity, UX/UI, Analytics, Oracle, and IT staffing services. Our expertise enables us to architect new business models, optimize existing processes, and improve overall customer experiences.


Guding Sector Growth In A Disruptive Business Landscape

We’re helping Aviation players constantly re-align their businesses and adapt to new technology frameworks to stay profitable and relevant in this dynamic industry landscape.

The aviation industry is seeing a paradigm shift owing to digitization, change in customer expectations, the advent of new business models, and many other factors. By virtue of our well-established center of excellence, we have delivered several mission-critical, complex, multi-dimensional engagements in their endeavors.

Our Role On The Aviation Landscape

Engineering chatbots to self-learning booking platforms, to create improve end-user experiences and trims costs.

Identifying strategic roadmaps and crafting digital plan of action for the post-pandemic world.

Our portfolio of solution spans across Enterprise Apps, Customer Experience Automation, Testing and ERP applications.


Driving Tomorrow – Monetizing Future Opportunities Today

We’re partnering with telecom CSPs to modernize data and create platforms that deliver compelling experiences and operational maturity, unlocking greater value.

By engineering personalized CX and streamlining operations, we expose clients to new opportunities to monetize insights and deliver bottom-line results. For telecom organizations, we offer solutions in the areas of Low-code, CX Automation, Enterprise Apps, Testing, ERP, and Conversational AI/Bot Platform.


Improve Outcomes & Experience Through Advanced Analytics

Raqmiyat is playing a key role in enabling healthcare payers and providers to adapt to today’s challenges and plan – with confidence.

Covid 19 has exposed several drawbacks in healthcare system. Poor data management and reporting, siloed systems, and challenges with scalability have resulted in the virus moving faster than the data. These difficulties highlight the urgent need to upgrade infectious disease surveillance systems to an integrated and extensible platform that provides analytic insights for case management and quick outbreak detection.

How We’re Making A Difference

Innovative Tech Partnerships & SaaS Expertise Outcomes

  • Software simplifying the data extraction, integration, and cleaning processes
  • Tools to track and trend disease activity and improve anticipatory awareness with modeling and near real-time reporting

With the help of our analytics portfolio, healthcare players are gaining a data an analytic foundation to support robust surveillance activities for timely identification, intervention, and prevention.

Let’s Find Your Digital Simplification In Our S.P.A.C.E