Smart Business Solutions

Evolving Business Processes With Digital Applications

Leaders and stakeholders are looking for means to streamline business processes across functions, leveraging technology solutions. Our smart business ecosystem addresses their needs by converging Oracle’s solution offerings, our testing expertise, cybersecurity, and automation practices.

New Paradigm In Business Processes

Empowered With A Solution Ecosystem

Digital tools have proliferated across business functions and changed the way we work and communicate. Over the last three decades, our expertise in smart business solutions has enabled end-users to optimally leverage digital applications, with our team designing, developing, implementing, and operating them in diverse departments in multiple sectors.

In the Middle East, we’re partnering with enterprises for end-to-end digitization solution implementation. Backed by our expertise in technology consulting, we ensure the reduction of risks and disruptions, driving business value from cybersecurity practices, software testing, managed support for oracle applications, and automation solutions.

Capabilities Catalyzing Process Evolution

Highlights Of Our Smart Business Offering Ecosystem

Oracle Offerings

A Platinum Partner of the Oracle E-Business Suite, we have multi-years of Oracle Cloud and ERP expertise and dedicated CoE, helping us to differentiate every offering.

Digital Innovation & Transformation

Automating diverse functions leveraging digital applications including - chatbots, robotics automation, and enabling enterprises to be digitally ready and process optimized.


Advanced cyber security solutions and services securing enterprise assets and network endpoints from malicious threats, improving cyber-resiliency.

Quality Engineering & Testing

Formulated by a team of award-winning experts, and aligned with global standards of testing and compliances, enabling us to continuously better our testing applications and modules.

Enterprise Analytics Services

Engage our team of data scientists and data engineering experts to develop bespoke analytics solutions, driving insights from structured and unstructured datasets.

ERP for SMEs

Global Enterprise Management System or GEMS is a trusted ERP platform suitable for all SMEs, customized on Java and Oracle Technologies.

Evolve Your Enterprise Practices With Smart Solutions