Single Platform Launching Work Management Towards Simple Success

Embrace Kissflow – a one stop solution for business organizations that helps manage all types of work on a single, unified platform that operates through collaboration, coordination, and control.

Kissflow Platform

One Platform, Multiple Work Management Solutions

Kissflow is a well known name in providing work management solutions to over 10,000 businesses across 160 countries which also includes more than 50 Fortune 500 companies such as Airbus, McDermott, Reckitt Benckiser, and Olympus.

The Platform Overview

Simplifying Process Workflows, Cloud, And Digitalization Across Enterprises

Kissflow Workflow

Accelerated Business Process Automation

Kissflow Workflow helps teams with a visual workflow designer with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools for business process automation. Enterprises can automate workflows with algorithmic task assignments and ticketing systems, keep track of all workflows through visual reports and analytics accessible through a unified console.


  • Workflow designer with 160+ pre-built templates to build custom workflows.
  • Advanced automation and analytics tools with algorithmic task assignment capability.
  • Security and compliance functions such as SAML, Single Sign-On, Two-factor Authentication, HIPAA Compliance, IP Whitelisting, and audit logs.


  • Conveniently design end-to-end project workflows for effective monitoring and collaboration.
  • Speed up project delivery by automating tasks through dynamic workflow routing.
  • Simplify monitoring and workflow management through visual representation of analytics.

Procurement Cloud

Scalable, Agile, And Efficient Procurement On The Cloud

A cloud-based procurement platform tailored to ease the complete management of purchase function in the organization. With Kissflow Procurement Cloud, automate end-to-end procurement processes and manage vendors effectively. Through seamless integration of procurement cloud with existing ERP and finance systems, enable real-time data flow.


  • Customizable procurement platform hosted in the cloud.
  • Upload hosted or punchout catalogs from qualified suppliers for a guided buying experience.
  • Automated three-way matching of PO, invoice, and goods received for error-free verification before payment processing.


  • Easier customization with drag-and-drop tools and quicker order verification through three-way-matching.
  • Speed up the purchase-to-pay process by implementing advanced approval workflows.
  • Convenient collaboration among cross-functional support teams, such as finance, production, marketing, and HR.

Kissflow Digital Workplace

Digitally Evolving The Entire Workplace

Streamline business operations and ease collaboration among all your teams with a unified platform. Kissflow Digital Workplace platform tools simplify task assignment, workflow management, progress monitoring, and analytics generation. Extensive integration with third-party apps and APIs to facilitate task scheduling and ease communication.


  • Intelligent task management mechanism to monitor task allocation and progress.
  • Automation tools to speed-up data collection and processing to generate actionable insights.
  • Unlimited social channels and extensive social features like contextual chat for better collaboration across roles and functions.


  • Simplify work with intuitive dashboards and adaptive workflows.
  • Enhance productivity through quicker collaboration among teams and automation of repetitive processes.
  • Improve work experience by reducing stress levels at the workplace.

Keep Workplace Simple, Make Productivity More Efficient