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Payment Environment Evolution With Technology As Cornerstone

Transacting high-volume of domestic and international payments can be a concern for banks with respect to compliances, speed, and security. In association with capable enterprise solution partners, we’re streamlining and securing payment operations – the one centralized solution hub for all payment-related applications.


Easing Payment Operations With Montran

In association with Montran, we are offering payment systems for banks based on the latest technologies and solution architecture. These solutions encompass –

  • Real-time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • Real-time Payments System (RTP)
  • Global Payment Solution (GPS)

Real-time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

We leverage Montran’s RTGS – Real Time Gross Settlement Solution to enable banks to transact significantly high volumes of domestic payments with ease. The solution, architected to match the benchmarks set by Central Banks for RTGS processing, couples efficiency, service reliability, and position maintenance with a bank’s intraday liquidity management.

Significant Features That Differentiate The Solution

Leverages RDBMS and Java Enterprise architecture, coupled with the latest web-based technologies and PKI security protocols.

Can be easily integrated with varied financial systems as its architected on open standards.

Can operate on a diverse range of hardware, leading operating systems, and databases, with easy implementation and maintenance.

Solution architecture enables optimal platform and hardware independence, providing reliability plus cost benefits.

Real-Time Payments System (RTP)

A 24×7 Robust Payment Environment

Architected to enable mobile payments in Retail and Person-to-person, the Real-Time Payments System is a robust payment environment. Available 24×7, this high-performing system supports Mobile telcos, Card Switches, and National Payments.

Key Elements Of The Solution Architecture

National Payment Systems Support

The solution supports National Payment Systems, with a real-time payments window operating along with RTGS and Clearing House systems.

Robust Solution Architecture

Architected on open-source and latest technologies: Enterprise-level Java architecture, industry-level interconnected modules, RDBMS storage, and PKI-level security.

Seamless Integrations

Industry-level benchmarks and open architecture easing integration with varied financial and banking systems such as Core Banking, Telco-based e-money, Cash Management, etc.

Global Payment Solution (GPS)

Efficient Fund Transfers With Increased Control

M&As and globally spreading banking operations – call for an intraoperative, standardized, and automated payments hub today. All the more so, given the need for Straight Through Processing, international and domestic regulation compliance, and reliable risk and liquidity management.

In association with Montran, we’re offering its powerful Global Payment System (GPS) – an online payment hub for automated payment processing – international and domestic. Besides being a SWIFT Ready system, GPS comes with certified interfaces to access global clearing and settlement applications.

Features That GPS Brings Together

All payment-specific infrastructure into one centralized system for many banks and their global branches, allowing multi-currency payments, supporting varied local languages.

Scalable, secure, and reliable, the payment hub is operational on all leading platforms and RDBMS systems.

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