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Cloud-native application development is one of the fastest-growing trends in tech today, with Gartner and IDC forecasting that 90-95% of apps will be cloud-native by 2025. However, the “cloud-native” term is thrown around like a buzzword, creating confusion about its benefits and impact on the business.

OutSystems surveyed more than 500 IT professionals and developers to help understand organizations’ perceptions, concerns, and implementation plans regarding cloud-native.

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  • How much do IT execs know about cloud-native development?
  • What do they see and the main benefits and challenges of cloud-native?
  • What can help them reap the benefits and address the challenges?

Download State of Cloud Application Development (SoCAD) report to get a more in-depth look into how businesses deploy cloud-native applications and how low-code platforms, like OutSystems, fit into these strategies successfully

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