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Seamless Has Become Success With 3 Decades Of Raqmiyat Solutions

emSigner is a document processing automation solution that simplifies signature management on documents using globally accepted legally valid electronic or digital signatures. In the process, it eliminates the need to print, manually sign, and scan documents. And that means you go 100% secure and paperless to save up to 80% of your costs in getting an on-paper document signed for processing. And it happens fast – as if you’re on a digital expressway of document signature management.

Digital Expressway Differentiates

With eMudhra Giving A Boost To Document Signing Experiences

  • Creation, tracking, and managing workflows without any codes
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Supports digital signing of all types of documents
  • Enables signing multiple documents in one go, with bulk signing
  • Allows remote signing using long-lived and one-time cryptographic key pairs
  • Easy integration with emSigner with either powerful API’s or Signer Gateway
  • Has a comprehensive audit trail of every document with time-stamping, change tracking and version controls.
  • Dynamically routes documents to different approving authorities based on rules.
  • Adheres to US ESIGN Act, eIDAS, Indian IT Act, UNCITRAL Model Act and more
  • Shares and validates from anywhere, anytime, thereby providing greater convenience to all the concerned parties
  • Acts as a certified Cross Certification Service Provider in the UAE
  • eMudhra supports UAE Pass

How emSigner Accelerates

Digital Signature Process Into High Gear


Create a new or choose from re usable document templates


Upload single or multiple documents


Upload single or multiple documents


Upload single or multiple documents

With Signature Speed Comes Success

For Individuals, SMBs, And Enterprises

Finance – Invoice Signing | Credit and Debit Notes | Others
HR – Offer letter | Agreement | Others
Legal – Contracts | Director Filings | Others
Procurement – Vendor/Supplier Onboarding | Contracts | Other
Banking – Digital Banking | e-Statements | Electronic Loan Processing
Insurance – e-Policy & Fraud Mitigation | e-Receipts | e-Claims
eGovernance – e-Licensing | e-Certificates | Citizen-to-Government e-Services
Education – e-Diplomas | Digital Transcripts/Marksheets | Student Enrolment
Manufacturing – Contracts | Dealer/Distributor Onboarding | e-Invoicing
Telecom – Employee Onboarding | Mobile/Landline/Broadband Connection and Authorization Documents | Others

Get On The Digital Expressway, Go Beyond Printing & Signing Hassles

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