Redefining Chatbot Capabilities On The Cradle Of AI

A secure, scalable, and superior end-to-end platform, Kore.ai enables streamlined design, building, testing, and rapid deployment of AI-enabled Virtual Assistants (VA). The platform’s no-code approach enables leveraging a balanced mix of digital UX and Conversational AI. In addition, Kore’s technology stack allows configuring, customizing, and delivery of pre-built VAs and custom conversational automation development.

Chatbots In The Digital Age

AI-Defined Rebirth Of Virtual Assistants

AI-powered virtual assistants (VAs) can meet unique operational requirements and perform multiple roles across diverse industries – Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc.

Intelligent VAs can automate iterative functions and streamline up to 80% of routine tasks while creating positive employee experiences across ITSM, HR, Sales & Marketing, and Finance functions.

Leveraging Kore.ai Equals

Moving On A No-code AI-driven Route To Realize Enterprise VAs

Kore empowers to –

  • Deploy sophisticated virtual assistants that satisfy complex enterprise use cases
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Humanize interactions and deliver superior customer experience

Key Features At The Core Of Kore.ai

  • Multipronged NLP Engine for precise intent identification
  • Flexible Deployment (On-prem/Cloud/Hybrid)
  • Conversational Intelligence humanizes user-bot conversations
  • Dashboard and Analytics for the insights to refine VA performance and UX
  • Omnichannel Platform supporting over 30+ channels to widen the reach
  • Open and Extensible for integration with custom channels and ML models

Differentiators That Drive The Edge

  • Easiest to operate while able to handle sophisticated interactions
  • Domain trained use cases
  • Rich industry vocabulary
  • Highly customizable
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Enterprise Integration

Experiences With Kore

Creating Value In Every Interaction Touchpoint

  • Kore’s VAs automate and streamline the customer journey on the text and voice-based channels
  • They cater to the commonly asked questions/requests intelligently
  • Seamlessly transitions to live agents if necessary, with communication history
  • The final outcome is improved customer satisfaction

Bank Assist

Comes with over 150 retail banking use cases to satisfy most of the customer queries, providing a greater scale of operations and reduced wait time, and higher satisfaction for customers.

Smart Assist

Delivers more human-like, differentiated customer support by leveraging digital deflection and conversational IVR virtual assistants. Smart Assist can be set up in less than an hour on preferred channels.

  • Kore’s intelligent virtual assistants liberate employees from unproductive tasks
  • Allows people to focus on mission-critical action items
  • Modernizes employee experience by personalizing conversations
  • The platform also provides self-serve automation


A conversational AI assistant that helps working professionals in their enterprise chores and human support functions, even remotely.

IT Assist

Intelligent assistant to address common issues, empowering IT staff to resolve critical problems and high-priority tickets.

HR Assist

An assistant that resolves HR queries for employees while enabling HR staff to take up more productive tasks.

  • Kore.ai reduces agent workloads, providing them with relevant information at the right time
  • Platform also suggests the next-best actions
  • VAs can seamlessly integrate with customer service applications
  • Allows to extract knowledge, identify customer intent, and recommend solutions, easing agent burden

Agent Assistant

These assistants improve service quality by giving agents the information they need during calls in real-time. Post-call functions are also automated.

Agent Transfer

Automates first-line customer support and seamlessly hands over conversations, based on conversation context, to human agents in real-time.

Platform Achievements

Proves The Prowess Of AI-Driven VAs

Reduction in time to market
Reduction in waiting time
Reduction in overall call volume
Reduction in support costs
Higher employee satisfaction
Increase in customer satisfaction

Take The No-Code Approach To Offer Redefined Chatbot Experience