We offer the next-gen total experience automation platform powered by Dynamic AI agents that enables enterprises to offer enriching, delightful and personalized interactions with their customers and employees across their preferred choice of channel, language and time.

AI + human platform for enterprises to deliver real-time, on-demand & unified customer + employee experience automation.

Total Experience Automation Platform for brands across the globe

Why Do 1000+ Brands trust Yellow.ai?

Best of AI + Human Automates upto 70% queries and seamlessly routes complex queries to live agents with full conversation context

Inhouse powerful NLP with
pre-traineddomain models can also track sentiments of the customer

Low code platform – pre-built verticalized templates for building a bot under 10-clicks

Omni Digital and Multilingual supporting conversations in 130+ languages across 35+ channels for engaging customers & employees on the channel where they live like whatsapp

Automated Knowledge base Creation  for training your AI Agents on thousands of documents with zero manual effort through our very own Document Cognition Engine

Seamless Integration with 100+ pre-built integrations and out of the box connectivity with Azure, Google, and Amazon Engines for STT/TTS

Smart Analytics for detailed customer insights  to analyse, implement and drive revenue

Benefits We Provide

Scale for the Future

Scale at the pace of your demands through AI automation, while keeping the operational costs low.

Drive Efficiency

Improve containment rates with Dynamic AI agents; freeing up human agents for more productive work.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Personalized conversational experiences across channels yielding higher revenue and LTV.