Raqmiyat IPP Connect

Instant Payment Platform Which is powered by the newly launched National Payment System Strategy (NPSS) by CBUAE.

An Overview of NPSS

National Payment Systems Strategy (NPSS), an initiative of the CBUAE. NPSS is designed to make payment systems universally interoperable and foster the transition to a cashless society built around real-time.

It is the Instant Payment Platform (IPP) that enables real-time faster payments and funds transfers around the clock (24X7), and digital payments across the UAE financial sector.

NPSS  Solution Overview

UAEIPP Core Service

UAEIPP Overlay Service

UAEIPP Value Added Services

Instant Payment Processor

Overlay Services

Value-added Services

Credit Transfers

Direct Debits

Addressing Service

Request To Pay

Unified Portal

Pricing and Billing

Real-time Message Processor



Reporting & Analytics

AML & Fraud

Batch Message Processor

White Label  APP

Case Management

Participant Mgmt.

Clearing Processor

Settlement Processor

Virtual Agent

Our IPP Connect Solution Major Modules

Customer onboarding
Liquidity Management
Account Management
Payment Management

Our IPP Connect Features

Microservices and it’s cloud native

Cloud or On-premise

Provide services to extract the Data from the Bank’s Middleware

Data Format conversion as per CB UAE’s standard

Processed request will be pushed to CB UAE’s API gateway

Response from CBUAE will be pushed back to Bank’s middleware

Request and response processing will be automated by IPP Connect’s services

Real-time Alerts & Notifications to the users

Front-end application will have dashboard, Alerts, and reports

Being ready for real-time payments will require technology procurement and Here’s when Raqmiyat is here to help!

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