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December 7, 2021

Success Stories

Outlining the solutions our team provided to empower challenge resolutions and sector-specific better outcomes.Securing Your…
December 7, 2021


Explore our insights and thoughts on the latest in technology and digital transformation, captured in…
November 30, 2021


Raqmiyat combines the power of digital thinking with our unique consultative approach to help clients…
November 25, 2021


From in-house hosted webinars to external business conferences - our virtual and physical presence allows…
November 25, 2021


Explore the thought leadership pieces that detail technology growth, our diverse expertise, and how we're…
November 20, 2021


A Strategic Partner of Oracle with years of Oracle Cloud and ERP expertise, we provide…
November 20, 2021


Through our strategic partnership with Microsoft, we're helping businesses transform how they aggregate and use…
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